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Certified Immigration & Visa Consultant

Go For Visa is one-of-its-kind visa processing consultancy that provides Visa and Immigration services in Delhi and across the world. Offering the utmost help required for tourists as well as immigrants, Go For Visa, in addition to its visa processing services, provides holistic programmes that take care of pre-landing and post-landing formalities, relocation help, advisory and corporate immigration services. These services are designed with our customers in mind and to ensure that they face the least of trouble before and after reaching untested lands.

At Go For Visa, we believe in absolute simplicity and excellence of service and thus provide our services through our authorized network partners in various countries across the globe. We have our own offices in Australia, India, UK and Canada thus providing an across-the-world reach. Our presence in these countries ensures that we work round the clock for you and enhance our services by catering to a set group of countries from each of our locations.

The appeal to visit, stay and work in various corners of the globe is as charming as complicated and our mission is to make sure that it stays charming for you while we simplify all complications. In this endeavour, we make sure that we are always staffed with the best experience, requisite legal brains and visa professionals at our offices as well as franchises to help you along the way without much stress. Additionally we are tied up with many government agencies and organizations in almost all the countries which help us to glean necessary knowledge and means to get your visa processed.

Visa issues are an everyday affair for us at Go For Visa and we take upon challenges to ensure that everyone is happy. Our consultants ensure that all requisite research is on the table before taking up your case, thus saving a lot of resources in terms of time, money and effort. If you are facing visa issues or are looking forward to get some international work experience under your belt, Go For Visa is your best choice.

Go For Visa believes in a pro-active approach and is thus successful in almost all of its visa processing endeavours. At Go For Visa, we believe in absolute transparency and proper information flow to ensure that you get what you need, in good time. Get in touch with us today to ensure that your dream of circumnavigating the globe for tourism or work is fulfilled with the least of effort.

So, if you want this visa, then just get in touch with Go For Visa, by mail at info@goforvisa.com or call us at India : 011-43001234, Australia : 0061-422627098 and Nepal : +977 9851025511.

Meet Our Team

mohit nakra mara agent
  • Mohit Nakra - Director

Mohit is Registered Migration Agent for Australia, who has been licensed to work for Visa Applications for Australia under Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Mohit has more than 7 years of experience in this industry and has helped many people across the globe. He has helped all clients for many kinds of visa too such as Student Visa Application, Visa Renewal/Extension, MRT, Spouse Visa, Parental Visa, Temporary Skilled Work Visa (Subclass 457), Permanent Residency (Subclass 189), etc.

nishant nakra immigration specialist
  • Nishant Nakra - Business Development Manager

Nishant Nakra, is Business Development Manager who has the experience of 10 years in the field of Immigration to Australia. Nishant started with Student Visa sending from India to Australia and then slowly learned about how to prospect for potential of new clients, and helping all initial queries that client will have before they pay and start the process. Moreover, he identifies the potential clients and builds up the relationship with new clients for Go For Visa. He not only work for getting new clients, but also provide help to enhance existing relationship with previous clients.

radha sharma visa consultant
  • Radha Sharma - Account Manager

As the business of Go For Visa is growing, Ms Radha Sharma is the full time Accountant in Go For Visa office. She maintains a thorough understanding of financial reporting and general ledger structure. Ensure the accuracy of accounts and also timely as per month, quarterly and year end closure.

shrey makkar assessment specialist
  • Shrey Makkar - Assessment Specialist

Shrey Makkar is working at the top management position for Go For Visa. Has proven and successful experience in the top management position of Go For Visa to assess the applications that come to Go For Visa in terms of visa. He is fully responsible for assessment of applications to go ahead, before forwarded or starting the process for visa.