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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Go For Visa?
Go For Visa, is the best immigration consultant who has more than 10 years of experience and is available in 4 different countries with offices. Have helped more than 10000 applicants for different kinds of visas for 25 countries world wide. We, are dedicated to meet up for the needs of each and every client. All who have any kind of question, we never say no to ask us.
Can we trust Go For Visa through online?
Go For Visa is a registered organization with offices in India, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Nepal. We have all kinds of official and government registrations and degrees to work under category of immigration for different countries. The countries for which we are not registered, we have partnered with registered immigration consultant for those countries to benefit clients in terms of their query and positive result of their application.
Is the Visa assessment through Go For Visa, free of cost?
Yes, all visa assessment of any client is absolutely free of charge.
What is
Go For Visa, is an immigration consultants who have 10 years of experience in terms of working in immigration industry. We have helped loads of applications for many and also different kind of visas and still doing the same for all who are looking for visas for different countries.
How to take the free visa assessment from Go For Visa?
Anyone who is looking to take free visa assessment is just need to fill the form available online or mail at after which we will get in touch with you either through mail or through phone to know more about your query and also how to proceed with your thoughts, if you are applicable for the same.
How to get in touch with Go For Visa to apply for visa?
The best way to get in touch with Go For Visa is through mail at, for any kind of query that you have. This mail goes to our team and then distributed to the person who will give you the best advice depending on the query.
What are the reasons that makes Go For Visa, the best immigration consultants?
The main reason for choosing us, is because of experience, availability, positive background, positive results of previous applications, free of charge initial consultation, comprehensive range of services, 24 hours availability, and finally happiness to assist any kind of query.
What is the benefit in terms of management and financially to apply through Go For Visa?

Go For Visa, has really good team who are having good experience to work under pressure and also with any kind of visa any client of ours is looking for. Secondly, we are available 24 hours and 365 days per year just in case any client has any kind of question that comes in head.

What information to give to Go For Visa, for visa assessment?

We initially need the Name, Date of Birth, country choice to move, contact details (mail and Contact Details) and lastly what kind of visa are you looking for, so that we can help to get the positive result for the same.

What kind of service does Go For Visa provide?

We provide services for Visit, Study, Migrate, Spouse Visa, Business Visit, Refugee or Asylum transfer, or lastly Entrepreneur or Investor Visas.

How does Go For Visa help Corporate organizations?

We make a one-person contact with the corporate who wants any kind of help for their organization. We have hundreds of corporate organizations and their owners to fulfil their visa or travelling needs to any country.

What all kinds of visas does Go For Visa helps?

As per our site, what all visas which have been mentioned are the ones that we can help up with. Also, to tell more since we are registered or in touch with registered migration agents, we can help for any kind of visa for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and India.

Can Go For Visa help employers?

We are always there to help all kind of organizations, personal individuals, employers etc. who are looking for visa help.

What time is Go For Visa available to get in touch?

As mentioned before, we are 24 hours and 365 days available to get in touch for your query or question that you have. All you have to do is to mail us at and we will come back to you in good time.

What is a visa?

A visa is a permission that is granted by a nation to the citizens of other nations who want to migrate there on temporary or permanent basis.

What can I do on my visa?

Every country has different visas for different purposes. For instance, if you want to enroll in a foreign university, you would need a student visa; if you want to work in a foreign country, you would need a work permit visa, and so on.

What can I do on my visa?

Every country has different visas for different purposes. For instance, if you want to enroll in a foreign university, you would need a student visa; if you want to work in a foreign country, you would need a work permit visa, and so on.

What Documents do I need to submit along with my visa application?s

Document requirement varies according to visa type. However, in general passport, educational qualification, work experience certificate (if applicable), character certificate and health insurance documents are common to all immigration categories.

Is it hard to get a visa?

Many factors decide how easy or difficult would it be to get a visa.Sometimes the nationality of the applicant can make the process slow, since some countries have strict immigration rules against certain countries. Generally, if the applicant is meeting all the requirements properly, then visa is approved rather easily. Taking helping from a trusted visa consultant also helps to expedite the process.

How long does it take to get a visa approved?

Primarily it depends on the visa category. Apart from that, the completion of your visa application also has a direct impact on your visa time approval.

What if my visa doesn’t get approved?

Depending on the reason of visa disapproval, you can either request for a review or will have to lodge a new application to a different visa category.

Can I stay in the foreign country after my visa has expired?

No. Unless you apply for visa renewal or another visa, you cannot stay in the country after validity of your visa is over.

Is there a visa fee?

Yes. And it varies from visa to visa. Plus, every time you need a new visa application, you have to pay its fee.

Can I hold two visas at once?

No. You cannot hold two substantial visas at the same time for any country.

What is the difference between a permanent residency and citizenship?

Permanent residency allows an individual to live, work and study indefinitely in a country. Citizenship, on the other hand, gives some additional privileged rights such as right to vote.

So, if you want this visa, then just get in touch with Go For Visa, by mail at or call us at India : 011-43001234, Australia : 0061-422627098 and Nepal : +977 9851025511.