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Dubai Student Visa

Dubai Student VisaStudying is one of the major reasons for immigrating into various countries for the people. Everyone wants to study in the country which offers high quality education along with a great environment. Talking of high quality education and environment, UAE/Dubai is one of the countries which are best in the business. If you want to study in UAE/Dubai then you have to follow the procedures and steps recommended by the immigration authorities in the country in order to avoid any issues. Go For Visa will provide complete guidance to you in all the immigration procedures right from the beginning till the end.


Validity of the Student Visa

The validity of the Student visa is 60 days and it can be renewed further for two more times. If you want to study in the UAE, you have to register your name in any of the UAE universities and must also possess the valid health insurance.

How to Apply Student Visa

To get UAE Student Visa, first you need to apply for any educational institutions or universities in the country in a particular course. Go For Visa can also help you in choosing the best universities in the country based on your course and expectations. After getting approval from the universities, you are good to start your immigration procedures right away. Take our free assessment test which can help you in getting the student visa easily. This test result helps us to make an effective application and attaching required documents to get approval from the immigration authorities easily. We wish you the best studying experience in the country without any issues throughout your stay! Contact us now to make it possible!

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